Wow, Galvanic Spa II

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa

Galvanic Spa II

Well what have I been up to other than having a total hair melt down…I have been sorting out my skin thats what!

I have used the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa for the last 4 weeks and it has really changed my skin for the better. At the cost of 2 professional salon visits it’s well worth the hype. I now can see amazing results in the comfort of my own bathroom. It’s lifted my jaw line. My cheeks, around my mouth and eyes have really been smoothed out. Also my pores actually look like I have spent a fortune on weekly treatments. The fine lines are around my eyes have all but vanished. it looks like I have expensive spa visits. It’s a little like ironing out the skin. The more you use this device the better the results.

What’s great about this is that I found it actually works much like a professional Galvanic machine. These work by sending a current through the skin and enable products to be penetrated deeper into the underlying cells. And also to cleanse the skin to allow the new podcast to be introduced. It will create a slight metallic taste, this is completely normal and professional services do just the same.

I use the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa (incredible little gadget) around 3 times a week for 5 minutes a time for each gel stage that comes with the kit. I just pop it into my regular nighttime routine and I’m sorted.

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Routine

  1. I take off my makeup with an oil based lotion. This will get rid of stubborn eye makeup and daily build up of London life.
  2. I then cleanse with my skin with Caudilie facial foam. I will do a full review of this very soon!
  3. I then chop off the end of the pre gel treatment and apply 1/2 of the tube all over my face.
  4. Then I damp my hand under the tap and place my fingers on the metal pad at the back. Turn on the machine to No1 and start to gently use upward motions, a bit like a facial massage. You will hear the machine beep and this tells you its working.
  5. I do this for about 2 1/2 minutes then move onto the other side. This stage is the deep cleansing stage where its having a souphficaton effect. This means its turning the grease and grime into a soap like substance that can be washed off.
  6. Then it time for the treatment mode No2. Cut open the treatment tube and add 1/2 to the entire face and just repeat the movements from before.
  7. If I am doing my weekly mask I would apply this now for about 10- 20 mins while relaxing in the bath.
  8. I then lightly remove any excess and apply a pea sized amount of Nu Skin night cream.
  9. I always follow this with my Hydropeptide eye cream! Check out my article here on some other incredible products.

I have also been drinking Collagen Shots to help the underlying skin cells be plumped over time.
Galvanic Spa II
When I used the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa for the first time I decided to do just one side of my face! It’s truly amazing and I suggest if you purchase this bathroom anti ageing buddy that you do the same!! I get told all the time that I have amazing skin and regularly get asked for ID! I think this really has helped loads over the last few weeks as my skin hasn’t looked this great in months.
Once the skin has gone too far with the ageing process we can only maintain what we have. Their is no miracle cure and its all down to upkeep. You need to know that the effectiveness of expensive salon facial electrical treatments are not miracle workers but they will assist to help keep the skin in good condition. But also you need to have regular treatments going forward or the effects will be lost and your money just wasted. I have had this little device for over 6 months and annoyed I didn’t start using it sooner. I am now converted and happy to have this little baby sitting on its stand taking pride and place on my vanity unit!







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