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My name is Camilla Munthe and I would like to present myself by telling you a little about myself and my background. I believe in a good, healthy lifestyle for myself and others. I live on a beautiful island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, called Gotland.

From being a teacher for many years I realised that I should take the step towards working for on my own. Studied  Marketing Strategy at IHM Business School in Stockholm, and from there I took the step into starting my company. I saw that the health and beauty business was really lucrative so that became my path.
The last 5 years I have had my own beauty salon, but my biggest goal today has become how to show others the possibility with Network marketing, the work of the future and so exciting !!! Just give yourself some time to understand how it works, and you might get stuck, you too 🙂

During the last years, I have discovered that Gotland is my home base to work from. I have the beautiful and calm nature around me, together with the interesting possibilities now-days, to work from home with my computer. I love to travel and Italy is my second country that I prefer to work from, to gain energy and of course the food, culture and warm people.

I offer partnership by building your own business

I have chosen to work with network marketing, which makes it possible for me to work with many different countries all around the world, so my job gives me what I want. It’s simple to connect while you use your network, your phone or your computer. My vision is to show as many as possible, that it’s not impossible to change your life, in a direction that makes you enjoy life while living it.

You choose your own future, you just have to understand what you would like to do and start going towards where you heart leads you.

About me - Camilla Munthe


With or without a job at the moment…
Curious about a good business on your own?
Would you like to earn some extra money by selling some very good skinproducts?
Would you like a job without initial costs, employed etc?

– How it works
Old or young, doesn’t matter, we start from where you are. Meet me in person, on Skype / Zoom to talk about your possibilities and questions. You just have to book a free consultation to understand your possibilities. If you are the right person, I will give you all the tools that you need and we will start to create your business and team. You will need a computer and cellphone and yourself to start with. It’s super simple and a very fun job 🙂

– I offer
my time to teach you and support you until you know how to work on your own. All depends on your own goals. I give you the tools and you start using them for your own new future.

Let me help you on your way to a new future…

What kind of dream do you have, that you do not want to miss?


I do not want to regret the things I’m curious about, and never tried…

I have been brave enough to change my life and I enjoy every day, how I’m able to change my path with the changes and choices that I make.

I’d like to meet in person or on Skype or Zoom, if you are just a little bit curious to know how this works. It’s for you that seek freedom and possibilities together with a good income for the work you do.

Contact me to meet over a coffee, otherwise on Skype or Zoom, Please e-mail me on camilla@cami-con.se   // Camilla


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